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Facts of Diamond :

  1. The obsolete Romans and Greeks considered that diamond tears were exposed by stars or splinters, and the Romans believed that the arrows of arrows were tied to diamonds (probably the earliest relationship between diamonds and romantic love).
  2. Obsolete Hindus utilized diamonds in the eyes of devotional idols and considered that diamonds could defend their clothes from fear.
  3. Many obsolete civilizations consider that during the war diamond gave energy and valor to the wearer, and some kings carried diamonds on their carapace leading in combat.
  4. Throughout the Middle Ages, diamonds have been thought to be curing qualities proficient in curing diseases of exhaust to insane sickness. 
  5. The countries which are the major root of diamonds have modified with time. India was the source of the diamond when the Indian diamond was sold in Venice and other European business centers in the early 1400s. Later, in the 1700s, India’s diamond provision decreased and Brazil made the main root of diamonds, until the end of the 1800s a large diamond set aside was found out in South Africa. Today, diamonds are excavated from many places in the world. 
  6. Lab diamond has equal tangible, chemically and visible qualities as a diamond. It is a durable diamond with the lowest environmental effect.
  7. The first known use of a diamond engagement ring was made in 1477 when the Archdiocese Maximilian of Austria gave a gold ring to Mary of Burgundy, in which the diamond was described as a description.
  8. The largest diamond found out so far is called the Cullinan Diamond, and it is astonishingly lost in 3106 carats or 1.33 pounds. Detected in South Africa in 1905, the owner of the mine and South African leaders gave diamonds to King Edward. Cullinan was finally cut into nine large diamonds and 100 small pieces, and the three of them were on display at the Tower of London as part of the jewelry.
  9. Diamonds are valuable and famous for thousands of years. There is evidence that diamonds were collected and traded at the beginning of the fourth century in India. In the first century AD, the Roman realistic scientist Pliny enunciated, Diamond, is the much more priceless, not only the treasured stones but whole thing in this world.
  10. Diamonds are very hard natural substances. The one thing is that if you want to scrape diamond then you have to use other diamond to scrape that diamond.
  11. The speak diamond arrives from the Greek speak “Adamas”, which means unassailable or tough.
  12. Diamonds are made of one element – it is about 100% carbon. Under much heat and pressure from the Earth’s surface, carbon atoms are built uniquely, resulting in beautiful and rare crystalline structures of diamonds.
  13. Diamonds are about 100 miles away from the ground and a deep volcanic eruption has exploded on Earth’s surface.
  14. Diamonds are millions and billions of years old – in some cases back three billion years old.
  15. One of the world’s biggest well-known diamond weighs 2.27 thousand trillion tonnes. 
  16. The atmosphere of Venus was first analyzed by the diamond window of the US spacecraft because only diamonds had the strength and transparency of the pressure in the atmosphere.
  17. Rough diamonds seem like a rock such that most human will pass it without the second appearance.
  18. Spheres, Corundum, and Rubies – Diamonds that are more harder over the next hard substantial on the mohs scale are four times stronger.
  19. Diamonds less than 20% are considered gems and can be used in jewelry.
  20. Australia is responsible for producing the higher volume of diamond.
  21. It is valued that less than 1% of women in the global will wear diamonds, one to two carat or more.
  22. Nitrogen molecules are liable for yellow color or color in diamonds. Boron molecules make diamonds blue. 
  23. D, E, and F are faded diamonds. For the reason that here is no shade in it, here is no disparity in shade. The only difference in this diamond is limpidity. D is extra tranlucent that E is extra translucent than E, F.
  24. Most 80% of diamonds are marketed in New York City.
  25. Eureka Diamond was discovered by a 15-year-old boy.
  26. The beautiful good-looking Eureka diamonds were first invented in South Africa by the 15-year-old boy named Erasmus Stefanus in 1867.
  27. Diamond Planet.

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